Frequently asked Questions
If you are unfamiliar with midwifery you probably have a few questions you'd like answered. The following are some of
the most common questions we encounter about the
Family Birth Center specifically and midwifery in general. Regardless of the question, we encourage you to come in
for a free consultation where we can best answer any and
all questions you might have. Please contact us to schedule your consultation.
Q: What is a freestanding birth center and why would
I choose a birthing center over a hospital?

A: A "freestanding" birth center is a birth center that is not affiliated with any hospital. It is a home like setting where
safe maternity care is provided to low-risk women. In hospitals, birth is treated as a medical event like most
other "dis-ease". There is a predominant emphasis on what could go wrong and what must be done in hospital with medical interventions leading to more medical interventions. In the birth center, some interventions are never employed, such as:

induction and augmentation of labor with oxytocin
continuous electronic fetal monitoring
epidural anesthesia
operative delivery
In our birth center, our philosophy of care supports the
birthing families' choices and desires in how they labor and
give birth. Because labor and birth are considered normal
events, the usual rigid protocols are not imposed on a
normally laboring woman. We focus on what most often
goes right with labor and avoid unnecessary intervention.
As long as the mother and baby remain normal, strict
timeframes for the progress of labor are not required.

According to Henci Goer in Obstetrical Myths Versus Research Realities (A Guide to the Medical Literature), "...the routine interventions practiced in hospitals introduce risks....Birth
center studies also uniformly report much lower rates of these interventions."

Birth center studies uniformly report outcomes equivalent or superior to those of comparable women giving birth in the hospital.