Frequently asked Questions
Q: What is a licensed midwife?

A: Literally speaking, midwife means, "with woman." A
midwife is a person who views pregnancy and birth as healthy, normal processes, albeit ones that call for supervision and care. In the midwifery model, the
childbearing woman has the central role. Midwifery care addresses the psychological and emotion health as well as the physical health of the mother. The midwife seeks to empower the woman by helping her master the challenges
of pregnancy and birth.

In practice we assess new clients much like a physician
does. We complete thorough histories and exams. We also offer all the usual laboratory testing as well as provide complete information on all prenatal screening to be sure
that our clients are able to make informed decisions regarding their care. Pregnancies are constantly monitored for problems, and we consult or refer to a physician when a significant deviation from normal occurs. While in labor, women are also monitored very closely and early
consultation is made with a physician when a deviation from normal occurs.

Q: Who can deliver at The Family Birth Center?

Birth in a birthing center caters to the healthy, low-risk
mother. Some risk factors do not prohibit you from giving
birth at the center, and some risk factors must be closely monitored by our staff and/or by our consulting physicians.
If you are healthy and without any chronic medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, you probably are eligible
for a birth center delivery. You will be carefully screened on
your first visit and continuously evaluated throughout your pregnancy to promote a safe and satisfying birth experience.