Frequently asked Questions
Q: Is this a safe way to have my baby?

Professional midwifery care has been steadily growing
in Central Texas since the early 70's. Birth center studies (with care being given by midwives) in the medical literature uniformly report outcomes equivalent or superior to those of comparable women giving birth in the hospital. Fullerton and Severino report in a 1992 Journal of Nurse Midwifery the following...
"[Low risk] women in hospital were more likely to receive
an interventive style of labor and birth management [than similar women in birth centers.] Neonatal outcomes were...similar, although the incidence of sustained fetal distress, prolapsed cord, and difficulty in establishing respirations were significantly greater in the hospital ,br>sample. Hospital care did not offer any advantage...,
and it was associated with increased intervention. The
results of this study provide support for the National Birth Center Study's conclusion that birth centers offer a safe and acceptable alternative fore selected pregnant women."

As licensed midwives, we have very definitive practice guidelines that keeps our practice limited to low risk
women. We consult with a physician when anything
abnormal comes up during the prenatal, birth, and postpartum periods. If it becomes necessary to make a transport during labor, we call the physician to update
them on the client's condition and then meet them at the hospital.
We transport to various local hospitals, including McKenna Memorial. We have found the doctors and staff at these
hospitals to be highly competent, respectful, and
accommodating to out of hospital transfers.

The vast majority of transfers (over 95%) have not been emergent in nature they were not so time sensitive. In the
small percentage of cases where time is of the essence, we
would choose to transport the client to the nearest hospital.
We would, of course, accompany the client, making her
medical records available to the appropriate hospital
personnel. We have enjoyed excellent relationships with
most physicians and hospitals, and have as a result,
rendered excellent, safe, and satisfying care. Additionally,
FBC has met the rigorous regulations and requirements of
the Texas Department of State Health Services. We are
licensed by the agency as a Licensed Birth Center.