We take birth very seriously. It is a rite of passage for
women and by going through the trials of labor and birth,
a woman becomes a MOTHER. We are honored to
support families as they experience one the most
beautiful things on earth...childbirth.

Amber Riedel is licensed by the State of Texas. She is
also certified by the North American Registry of Midwives
as a Certified Professional Midwife or CPM. Amber
operates the center in New Braunfels and is eager to see midwifery grow in Central Texas. She is also active in
the local La Leche League group and provides
breastfeeding support and education to new mothers. It
is her personal goal to serve her clients and make each
birth special for each family. Utmost, you will have the
birth that you desire because Amber Riedel will go the distance to support women in choosing where and how to give birth...It is your choice!

On a personal note, Amber is the mother of 4 beautiful children. She made the transition to homebirth in 2001
when her son was born in a pool in the kitchen. This
birth was life changing and today she continues to help families have the birth of their dreams, just like she did.
You will hear a positive reflection on motherhood from
Amber because she loves pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and childrearing. She is a Christian and believes strongly that God gives us the opportunities to experience birth for a very specific reason...to make us
better mommies. You will be honored and respected
here and your wishes will be heard.