Water birth...

Q: Do you do water births?

We are frequently asked if we will do a birth in the
water. About 80% of our birthing moms choose to give
birth in the water. Some of the benefits to laboring in the water include: - Reduces sensory stimulus, thus producing less stress-related hormones - Increases production of pain inhibitors, i.e., endorphins - Decreases blood pressure - Increases ability of the mother to focus - Reduces the sensations of pain an analgesic effect - Increases skin elasticity, reducing the amount of perineal tearing - Makes
it easy for mom or dad (with midwife assistance) to "catch" their own baby because of the buoyancy of water - Gentler birth for baby.

Warm water often helps muscles relax. Sometimes referred
to the "midwife's epidural", the combination of buoyancy
and relaxation seems to lower stress and allow the laboring woman's body to function very efficiently. Babies seem to
like it too. The transition from water to water eases the
entry for many babies and has a soothing effect on the
whole family. Family Birth Center midwives are very comfortable with and skilled in water birth and will offer it as an option for birth.